Navarra is situated in northern Spain, between Bordeaux and La Rioja regions, it is an exceptionally attractive area, with a wide range of natural landscapes, where the climate and soil are suitable for grape growing.

The old tradition of vine growing and wine production where the artisan process was transmitted from generation to generation, made this land a place with a unique personality rooted in the old European history.

Climate and Soils

From North to South, Navarra shows a variety of climates, which range from humid, temperate, atlantic climate found in the north to the more continental and Mediterranean climate found in the Ribera, along the Ebro river in the south.

The tipical soils of the Mediterranean branch of the Ebro River are the base of the surface planted with vineyards in Navarra. This surface is formed in general by lime and brown lime soils along the river basins in the southern areas.

Pitillas Lake

Pirineo Montains

Urbasa Hills

Bardena Desert

The Vineyards





There are currently over 11.000 ha. of vineyards under the Denomination of Origin. This surface is divided into 5 different sub-areas which cover from middle Navarra to the south of the region.

Among the red varieties outhorized by the D.O. we find Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Garnacha, Merlot, Mazuelo and Tempranillo. Chardonnay, White Garnacha, Malvasia, Moscatel and Viura are the white grapes grown in the region.

The average yield for red and white grapes are between 4.700 kg/ha and 7.000 kg/ha. entre los 4.700 kg/ha y 7.000 kg/ha.